Tutorial: Tips for Using Zoom for Meetings

  • Turn off TVs, etc. in the background to prevent background noise or turn off your mic until it’s your turn to speak.
  • PLEASE respect the traditions and do not take screen shots, etc. of peoples faces and names–even for the court. This is not only a violation of privacy, but the principle of anonymity.
  • Be aware of your surroundings and try to participate while you are at home or a private place. (We wouldn’t conduct a meeting in the middle of Meijer)
  • This platform encourages cross-talk, but please resist. Zoom will only pick up one voice at a time–and it shuts the other person off. Talking in unison does not work.
  • If you must get up and dance or something, so be it, but please turn off your video. It is still disrupting a meeting and you wouldn’t do that in a live meeting.
  • If you must get a paper signed, I would suggest writing the meeting ID in. Providing signed proof for the court will be difficult under these circumstances. Please refer your PO to westmidistrict3aawebmaster@gmail.com if he or she has questions or concerns.
  • You can “rename” yourself when you enter the meeting if you want to protect your anonymity.
  • Some meetings are back-to-back so please finish on-time. Thank you.