Welcome to the New Website!

The old website was not mobile friendly–so we changed that!  However, we need your help.  We are looking for interesting photos of what recovery means to you.  If you have some high quality content that suggests peace and serenity in sobriety, please share them so we can make the website visually interesting and attractive.  Please follow the guidelines below:

  • Format should be jpg or png.
  • NO perceptible FACES of people whatsoever.
  • Submit to the District 3AA webmaster
  • No religious institutions, businesses or other named organizations which would project an association to that organization where none exists.
  • We suggest animals, nature or landscape of your town, or something abstract.
  • Does not have to be a photograph. Could be an abstract visual representation of your idea.
  • You agree to allow District 3AA to use the photo/asset free of charge.

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