The Sunshine of the Spirit

One of the incredibly powerful and beautiful things about being involved in this fellowship is that we share everything. As one very wise woman said, “we recover all over each other,” whether we’re up and down.  We share life’s beautiful moments and laughter;  then allow our fellow AA’s in to guide us through life’s darkest moments that inevitably show up at our door.  We are never immune from trials and tribulations, pain and suffering, after all, that’s what it means to be human.  But what we can do, is be open and honest, just as though we might be early in sobriety, letting people in and allow them to show us the way, shining light on darkness and fear when it would be so easy to let the disease justify taking a drink, only magnifying the misery.

I am so blessed and excited to be sharing just one of those happy moments with a special lady I’ve looked up to in recovery since I’ve been in the Holland area.  I get to celebrate and feel not only how much fun it is to be sober, but I get the opportunity to bask in the Sunshine of Spirit.  I am continually grateful for this program and the people in it.  Without them, sponsors, the Steps and a Higher Power, I am doomed to take another drink, and to drink is to die for this alcoholic.

Like Bill said in his story, we stand in the sunlight at last, and what the hell, bask in warmth and live it up.


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