Angels of Negation

Sometimes love is found in the whistle of a breeze,

Or beneath ten pairs of Fairy Wings,

But here love is found in the slur of angry words,

Here love is found in talk of the absurd,

A competition in raised voice,

Each seeks approval in degradation of choice,

Sadness begins to fall

A masked indifference consumes them all,

Will they one day awake to their demise?

Will they one day find sense in the rise and fall of tides?

It is simply the smell of evil come to quiet places,

Surrounded by dark voices and Angels of Negation,

Look only to the peace in a tempers surrender,

Beauty to the submission of time,

When viewed from youth and ignorance to God’s unholy end,

It is simply weakness,

Simply sad,

Simply an asylum of deep places and river bottoms,

Here only rules the Prince of Tides,

Here only does Satan sing praise of self demise,

You, like me, will cross the river into Hades,

You, like me, will stand admits judgement and follow Christmas past

Through the pages of those you loved and the days you lived on

In ignorance of an end,

Now a simple hope has caught you here,

A single thought has begun and ended near,

Can you hear the opposing side of harmony whistling beneath the wind?

Do you see the loved ones left for Lucifer begging to be let in?

Here only rules the Prince of Tides,

Here only does Satan sing praise of self demise,

Let imagination lead you away,

Let them find peace when they are at the end of their days,

Let them paint a new Neverland to

Find they can fly in a steady beat of simple minds,

Let them know that laughter can consume hate,

That a smile can allow you to forget a slur of angry words,

That love can see humility in talk of the absurd,

Let your ego go so you may look at one another and feel true pride,

That one day we may come to know

The peace found in the submission to time,

And see hope afloat

In the rise and fall of tides.


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