Recovery in the New Normal

Life in isolated circumstances perhaps with job loss or financial constraints, separated from supportive family members and face-to-face recovery meetings can be a challenge for even for people with strong sobriety, let alone those who teeter precariously on the fence.  We might feel lost in unknown “waters” and fear sets in.  It is SO easy to go back to our old coping mechanisms, alcohol and drugs to fix the way we feel. I can say this, however, it IS possible to stay sober even in the worst conditions, in fact, our lives may depend on us being sober in bad conditions in order to survive.  For those of you early in recovery, and have a hard time finding meetings, I strongly suggest the following:

  1. Visit this page for information on meetings (the information should be verified with the contact person because I may not have the latest information.
  2. If you have difficulty finding an in-person meeting, try to find one on the AA online intergroup.
  3. Find a great podcast–there are hundreds
    1. Sobercast
    2. Sober Podcasts
    3. Joe and Charlie take you through the Big Book and make you laugh
    4. Mike Chase’s Podcasts
  4. If you need help, right now, call the Hotline at 616-834-1191.
  5. Read the Big Book and talk to another alcoholic

You are not in this alone unless you choose to be.  There is help but that help is not forced down your throat or delivered to you on a silver platter.  It takes some effort on your part to reach out and just ask for it.


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