Getting Through the Holidays, Sober and Happy

Holidays can be tough, especially for people early in their recovery journey.  It’s a time when we escaped the shopping, the madness, the stress and sometimes escaped hard times spent with family members by getting loaded.  All too often, especially if a family situation is dysfunctional as many families are when affected by alcoholism and addiction, getting together can be a disaster.  There’s good news, however!  Meetings are available even on Christmas, New Year’s and all the days in between.  We have a place where we can go, talk about it and above all, get through the holidays without picking up a drink or drug.  We can figure out how to bring joy and happiness to those who have suffered because of this disease and bring some positivity to difficult situations.  For those of us who usually spent the whole time drunk or high, there’s hope that you can do it sober, but don’t try to go it alone.  Reach out and help another drunk who may also be struggling and you’d be surprised at the effect.  Just one drunk helping another is sometimes the greatest gift of all.

Download the newly updated 12.18.17. District 3AA Meetings and carry it with you, or if you’re traveling away from home, you can always go to and find AA near you, wherever you go.  See more Tips on Keeping Your Holiday Season Sober and Joyous.

Best to you and have a happy, sober holiday season!



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