Getting Real, Staying Sober

I was talking to my partner about all the school closings, people working from home, travel bans, etc., that seemed all so very weird. I know if I had still been drinking, this epidemic scare would have been all I needed to get drunk for at least 2 weeks while people quarantine themselves. That’s what alcoholics do–everything–is an excuse to drink.

But, today, I don’t do that. I stay cool, stay informed, avoid misleading news and doomsayers, and do what I have always done. I get up in the morning, remember a few reasons why I am grateful, which might be “today I don’t have Corona virus”, and do a few readings while sipping my coffee and then start my day, one day at a time, like I have done for the past 15 years of following the advice of people that have been successful in AA.

This epidemic, or any tragedy, no matter how terrible, does not have to be a reason to drink, so don’t make it one. Find alternatives for meetings, meet online, stay in contact with friends in the program, talk on the phone–whatever. If you want to stay sober, you can and you will.

By the way, if you want to listen to something super entertaining, and a whole bunch of fun, check out these tapes by Joe and Charlie. It might be a great alternative to binge watching Netflix.

Also, remember that you can always call the hotline too–>616-834-1191

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