Happy Fourth of July

As we speak, we are entering the 5th month of our new, altered reality of living with a still deadly disease. Meetings are starting to gather traction in person at many of their previous meeting places. In order to continue to carry the message, I am reaching out to those of you that regularly attend these meetings and asking you to please share with me updates on the status of meetings so people do not end up in an empty room–virtual or real. This transition will take time and it will be a moving target, so I appreciate your patience and understanding again as we try and figure this out. Eventually, we will go back to our permanent list, the meeting app (on your phone and the list here. I will again need help and cooperation in getting this list accurate again as some meetings may have disbanded, or formed anew.

Thank you all who have helped out with this. We can’t carry the message without your help. Please, please CONTACT US and let me know the following:

  1. Name of group
  2. Time/day of meeting
  3. Location
  4. Type–>hybrid, zoom only, in person only
  5. Contact person with phone.

Your cooperation is so much appreciated.

In service, Your Rockin’ Webgeek

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