This Too Shall Pass

Oh, how I used to hate it when AA thumpers would speak in platitudes.  My life was falling apart and in their happy, sing-songy way, would spout off the seemingly endless stream of AA slogans.  How it drove me crazy, “One day at a time,” “Think, think, think” and on and on.  I literally wanted to crawl out of my skin and that was all they had to say?

Looking back on those days, what I didn’t know then is that those little slogans were simple concepts reduced to a few words that sometimes was exactly what I needed.  They represented the simple ideas in the heat of the moment that pointed at the principles of the program.  If I was struggling, sometimes I might even hear the voice of the person who often told me those things. Without even realizing it, these AA slogans were part of the teachings, part of the fundamental principles of AA, and were not empty sayings by any means.

As we move into a rough season, especially with Covid raging around the country, things are bound to get worse before they get better.  I know for sure today that this too shall pass and I have a host of AA friends I can reach out to get me through the rough spots that we all have.  I do not have to experience the loneliness I did when I was drinking.  I have a fighting chance today if I can continue to let go and let God, keep it simple, live and let live, and always keep first things first–which is just simply not picking up a drink or a drug today.  For this alcoholic, I really need to keep it simple because sometimes stupid wants to pick up a drink.

If you want to listen to an absolutely hilarious talk on AA slogans, check this out.

Roy T, AA Slogans that Might Kill You


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